Black Country Cinemas
A 312 page hard back A4 book describing every cinema that has operated in the Black Country and surrounding area of South Staffordshire.

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Black Country Theatres
A 208 page hard back A4 book describing every theatre that has operated in the Black Country and the surrounding area of South Staffordshire, including a chapter on the portable theatres of the nineteenth century that are often ignored in books on theatre history.

Normal price: £25 - contact the author for latest offers.
Brierley Hill (Vol.2)
This second volume of photographs of Brierley Hill covers the following areas of the town: Round Oak, Harts Hill, Merry Hill, Quarry Bank, The Delph, Silver End and Hawbush.
It is a 128 page paperback book in the standard History Press “Britain in old Photographs” format.

Normal price: £12.99
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Ned Williams
Ned Williams
The Earl of Dudley’s Railway
160 page pbk book, 155mm x 235mm. A
historical and geographical description of the
railway system built to connect the Earl’s
collieries with his ironworks at Round Oak and
the outside world. It was an extensive system
with a large fleet of locomotives. Once a year
from 1928 to 1938 it carried this Lordship’s
labour force to the annual fetes held at Himley
Hall. Profusely illustrated with many
photographs not previously published.

Published by The History Press at £14.99
The Gornals
200 page pbk book, 190mm x 250mm.
Text and pictures add up to a
comprehensive description of the villages
that make up “The Gornals” - Upper
Gornal, Ruiton, Lower Gornal, Gornal
Wood and The Straits.
All aspects of life in these villages are
featured: church and chapel, schools,
shops, pubs, carnivals, sport, industry and
personalities. If you come from Gornal -
you’re probably in it. If you don’t come
from Gornal, you’ll need this book as an
introduction to an area where the true
Black Country spirit lives on.

Published by Uralia Press at £13.50
The Gornals Volume 2
"The Gornals Volume Two” contains 192
pages of new pictures and information
about The Gornals.

It is availalble paperback at £13.50
and hardback £18.