By Rail to Wombourn
A5 54 page paperback, originally
sold for nine shillings and sixpence!
No longer in print
By Rail to Halesowen
Nearly A4 92 page paperback -
produced with Michael Hale as joint
author. (1974)
No longer in print
By Rail to Wombourn
2nd and 3rd editions
No longer in print
By Road & Rail to Tettenhall
A5 68 page paperback dealing with
one tram/bus route and one railway
station. (1980)
No longer in print
Wolverhampton Railway Album
The first of two volumes, written
with Simon Dewey as joint author.
No longer in print
Cinemas of the Black Country
A4 232 page hardback. This is
where writing and publishing went
mad! It was a major project in terms
of time and money. Only a thousand
copies were produced. (1982)
No longer in print
Wolverhampton Railway Album
Back to working with Simon Dewey
on a more manageable project.
No longer in print
Cinemas of Aldridge &
A5 44 page paperback, published
jointly with the Mercia Cinema
Society. (1984)
No longer in print
The Railways of the Black
Country Vol 1 The Byways
Back to the A4 format for the first of
two picture albums devoted to the
local railway network. (1985)
No longer in print
Shop in the Black Country
A4 72 page paperback - my first
excursion into some colour printing -
and new subject matter! (1985)
No longer in print
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Availability of Ned’s Books
Many of Ned’s books are now “out of print” and therefore unavailable, and it is often difficult to keep up to date with the latest situation. This is  
particularly true regarding the books published by the History Press as these often go out of print but then can suddenly become available again if  
re-printed, or issued in a new edition. Regarding the books published by Ned’s own imprint - “Uralia Press” - these books are virtually never reprinted  
and so once “out of print” they stay that way. Ned does have some small stocks of certain books so it is always worth contacting him via this  
website to see if a book can be obtained. Every so often books are produced in completely the wrong quantities which either creates a shortage or  
the opposite - we have to eventually dispose of the surplus! The books published on Black Country Theatres and Cinemas are a good example of  
this and they are currently being “remaindered” to dispose of the surplus - so do contact Ned and find out what price they now command. People  
sometimes report finding second-hand copies of Ned’s books - for example on Ebay - but they are usually sold at a premium price. (That is  
completely out of Ned’s control.)
Ned Williams
Ned Williams