Updates . . .
From 2015 into 2016
2015 was dominated by the production of “The Gornals: Volume 2”. In retrospect I was silly to promise such a
book for Christmas 2015 but I was carried away with the success of the first book in 2014. All this was made by
the ending one long term relationship and surprising start of another, interwoven with rail holidays in Cuba and
then Sardinia and Corsica, plus many trips within the UK.

After a series of last minute crises “Volume Two” hit Gornal on 4th December and it has been selling well since
then. Whether it will prove possible to produce a “Volume 3”, I don’t know. If it does come about it will have to be at
more leisurely pace. Is there anybody out there who can kick start the process of obtaining photographs?

There was a moment in 2015 when it looked as if railway modelling might make a come-back in my life. I exhibited
at exhibitions in Leamington (March), Bromsgrove (July) and Wolverhampton in November - a new layout is still
taking shape inspired by memories of Cuba and an earlier trip to Argentina. It is called “Madeliena”.

2016 starts with a second hip replacement operation and then...... who knows?
Ned Williams
Ned Williams
Ned, Gill and Ian Austin MP at Gornal Book launch
At the evening book launch for “The Gornals”: Ned Williams,
Councillor Margaret Aston, Mayor of Dudley, Bill Caldwell.
Bill Caldwell, Michael Hall, Ned Williams, Ian Austin MP.
Ned Williams presents Colin Fellows with a souvenir “pig-on-the-wall” mug
at the Gornals book launch
Group at the afternoon booklaunch of “The Gornals”
Michael Hall (President of the Black Country Society), Bill Caldwell, Ned Williams and Ian Austin MP.
Ned Williams and photographer Graham Beckley celebrate the publication of “The Gornals”.
Co. Margaret Aston, Mayor of Dudley gets to grips with “The Gornals”
Gill with new lauout
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